Fruits, nuts and berries

Last Saturday we finally had a chance (before that all our weekends were busy with recycling different parts of a house) to visit a plant nursery to buy some trees. We have many bushes with different berries, and during the summer harvested lots of, and when I say, I mean LOTS OFF, black and red currents and gooseberries. There are also blueberries but not as many as the others. We have planted a blackberry bush, which carries a couple of berries this year and sure more come next year and we plan to get a raspberry bush sometime in October from our friends, a type of raspberry that ripens in fall instead of summer. This way I guess we get berries almost the whole year around. Well, what I was going to say…Yes, we have many different types of berries but not so many different fruits. Well, there are four apple trees on the property, with four different types of apples but besides apples no other fruits. So, we knew we are going to plant some fruit trees. The best season for planting is Fall, as everybody knows and claims. So, we have been looking forward to Fall. Planting is fun, really.

We thought it would be the easiest to start with some non fuzz trees, the ones that can with minimal efforts grow in cold, rainy and windy Denmark. So the obvious choices were pear, cherry and some type of a nut. We also considered plums but put the idea aside for a while, as non of us in our family is a true fun of them.

We have got two pear trees, one type called ‘Conference’ and the other ‘Clara Frijs’. There were two reasons for having two pear trees: a) pear trees need companions to insure the pollination, b) we wanted to have a long pear season and chose types that don’t give fruits at the same time. Fruits from Clara Frijs ripe in September, while Conference pears can be harvested in October in Denmark.


Cherries are like pears when it comes to pollination but there are types that pollinate by themselves. Like ‘Lapins’. Besides, we heard that it gives lots of sweet fruits. So, we thought we go for Lapins. I can’t describe how much I am looking forward to our cherries. Sweat cherries are my favorites after apples and sour cherries.

Sweet cherry

Since we have lots of place, we can afford a walnut tree which can grow tall and big. But walnuts grow slowly. So we end up going forward with a hazelnut bush. I know, we are very inpatient.


So, the trees are planted in sunny sports around the garden, watered, and all we can do for now is to watch them grow.

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