Recycled garden gate

My brother in law family have built a new house on their property. OK, you get all details, the construction company they hired, built it. This means that when they move in to the new house, the old one is going to be torn down. But before the guys with big machines come and level the old building to the ground, make it to trash and take it away, we are allowed to step in and take materials we wanted. A big thanks to my brother in law family for … building a new house! I am not going to talk a whole lot about the benefits of recycling. So many people have talked about it before me, and well, I am sure you know all about it 😉

What you see on this picture below has once been a garage gate in my brother in law family’s property. And now it is a garden gate on our property.


One of the summer vacation activities that Mr. J was engaged with was to move our wire hedge. There was this part of property that once (the owners we purchased the house from) was used as a parking place for a caravan. We integrated this place with the rest of the garden simply moving the wire hedge and wooden poles around. Now the wire hedge goes parallel with the gravel road all the way to the neighbor. Mr. J decided to integrate a gate here so we could have access to the gravel road from this part of the garden as well. I don’t have more photos showing the process of resizing the original garage gate into a garden gate (sorry). But he used lots of time measuring and then cutting and then measuring and cutting again and screwing parts together, so the things could fit each other.

Should we paint it? Black?

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