The purple tansy ‘meadow’

This is the second year of 'the purple tansy meadow', and it is all above what I imagined it would be. There are many more plants this 2019 year that there were in 2018, it is full of wildlife and absolutely gorgeous. This year in April we removed some of the useless plants, like... Continue Reading →

The dream garden under construction: from seeds to plants – 2 new flower boarders

I have probably mentioned it before, but I will do it again. I need some kind of a introductory sentence to this post 😉 The dream garden for us is a naturalistic and effortless garden, that encourages wildlife and preserves it. And we think there should be place to three elements in it: the kitchen garden,... Continue Reading →

The fashion of red painted wood floor

End of September was the time when we felt we wanted to turn the heating system of the house on. The installation uses water for heating, and the radiators went short of water as we could hear them making noises. Since we were not sure how to turn the water supply for the radiators, we... Continue Reading →

What we didn’t do and did in winter for our garden

It's been quit busy in Puk the recent months with different things. And it is still busy. I don't know how I can have time to sit down and make this post. I should have been outside busy with enjoying the great weather. Winter went fast, although it lasted until the end of March. I... Continue Reading →

Apple harvest

There are four apple trees in our garden. The three of them have really marvelous apples, smelling great, delicious and just looking gorgeous. The fourth tree is probably an older tree (the sort is called 'Ananas') than the others and got small fruits that don’t distinguish with their good taste. We think the quality of... Continue Reading →

Fruits, nuts and berries

Last Saturday we finally had a chance (before that all our weekends were busy with recycling different parts of a house) to visit a plant nursery to buy some trees. We have many bushes with different berries, and during the summer harvested lots of, and when I say, I mean LOTS OFF, black and red... Continue Reading →

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