We moved to The House Near the Forest this (2017) June from an apartment in Greater Copenhagen. While living there we dreamed about a house with a big garden close to some kind of nature (a lake, a meadow, a forest). Although Denmark is not famous for its nature, there are, fortunately, places on this little flat piece of land where it is charming and nice. After spending many of our weekends visiting different places outside of Greater Copenhagen, our conclusion was that more we drove north of Copenhagen, more beautiful it became. We started dreaming about living in Northern Zealand (Nordsjælland in Danish). And then we found the house in historic Gurre and purchased it.

The house has a name Puk (a girl’s name). We don’t know when the name was given and why. We call it Puk because it is carved on a table on the eastern facade of the house. Now you know which house it is when passing by 😉 It is dating back to 1870 and is a brick construction with white facades and deep red window tracks, features we assume have always been the part of the house. We don’t know much about previous owners of the house and how long they lived here. What we know is that this was a house of the local butcher (his workplace, which is a part of the property, was built on 1900). We also heard from the ones we purchased the house from, that a window cleaner lived here, and that the house roomed three families at some point (probably before 1950’s). The owners before us worked in banking and elderly care sectors and lived here with their 5 children. And we are engaged with IT and business, and our child attends the local day care.

The house looks to meadows and a forest (west), so we do, when sitting outside in the garden or looking out from the west facing windows inside the house. Surroundings are quite here, animals are free-range and neighbors take good care of each other.

Previous owners of the house added and removed things both on property and inside the house to fit their needs and to please their eyes. We are also going to make changes, we just need some time to figure out what we really want and how it will best work for us.

I have created this site to record the renewals and changes and also share with things we do in everyday. Kind of like a diary, a public diary. My name is Anahit, wecome! Glad you dropped by 🙂

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