Counting butterflies (2017)

It is October, and it got a bit chilly here in Denmark. It is October, it is chilly and windy, but sunny. Sunny October in Denmark? Yes, I am also surprised. I guess this is a kind of compensation from weather for a really rotten, cold and rainy summer. Should I tell you how awful summer we had this year in DK? I think so too, let’s not talk about sad things.

So, October is so far great, the forest around us is obtaining yellow and redish colours, which look awesome with a combination of green from the wet grass, and we say hi to the almost full Moon in the mornings while biking to day care. I have seen the cranes migrate south, the Spanish slugs have disappeared from the garden, and the last butterfly I noticed visiting our garden was around 7-8 days ago.

So, I guess it is time to sum up the butterflies I have seen during the summer.

Orange tip (anthocaris cardamines) males seen twice near the blueberry bushes in June.

Large cabbage butterfly (pieris brassicae) and small cabbage white (pieris rapae) seen many times during the summer months and September on oregano, butterfly bush, Japanese anemones, sunflower, and grass lawn.

Common brimstone (gonepteryx rhamni) seen once flying over the grass lawn in June.

Wall brown (lasiommata megera) seen very many times during the whole summer, September and at the beginning of October on oregano, thyme, butterfly bush, Japanese anemones, hydrangeas, monks cress, grass lawn, and sunbathing on western and southern walls of the buildings.

Peacock butterfly (inachis io) seen many times at the end of July, during August and at the beginning of September on oregano, agastache, butterfly bush, Japanese anemones, hollyhocks, and hydrangeas. They flew in our house through the open window and I found them also in the green house on wine.


Peacock butterfly on buddleia (butterfly bush)
Peacock butterfly on hydrangea


I had unfortunately opportunity to take pictures of only peacock butterflies as they were the only ones that were not in rush and rested on a flower long enough that I could manage to run into the house, grab my phone and run outside again to photograph them. I know, I it is smart to always keep my phone with me.

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