DIY swing pergola



Miss A loves swinging. I guess this activity is something that all children enjoy. There was no swing on the property, and we decided to invest in one. I really wanted it to a bit discreet. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against play equipment for kids in gardens, I just think that they shouldn’t take a whole lot of visual attention. Mr. J and me talked about before, that it would be great to establish a couple of sitting areas and pathways in the garden in form of pergolas, that could be covered by different climbers. Pergolas could provide shade, privacy and divide the space in the garden. I’d got really excited when thinking that a swing or two could be integrated with a pergola. I was really happy when Mr. J also thought it was a good idea. And he started building it. A couple of days later the swing pergola (or pergola swing) was ready.


We decided to try  hop (humulus lupulus) as a climber. And there were several reasons for choosing this plant. It grows very fast, which means we maaay-beee have a chance to see it climbing quite tall already this year. It blooms in Fall, making the garden a bit more exciting at that time of the year. It is a low-fuzz plant. Insects love it. And now the best part – fruits can be used in beer brewing as a flavor! We got two female plants (it is females that produce the fruits) and planted each of them next to the one side of the pergola, opposite each other. The only disadvantage of this plant is that it is not evergreen. But we think it can be combined with another climber for the winter interest. We are not going to develop this idea further until the next year, until we see how it works with hop.


I would love to hear about your experience with hop 🙂

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